WMDP Club of the Year

Stoneham, MA – The Western Mass Distance Project has been more than humbled by its wonderful reception to New England running this year. The Club started, originally, as a means for local Western Mass runners to rally their post-collegiate potential and keep this crazy dream we call running alive. It since has become something that has an impact at the regional and national level.

The Wolves would like to thank all of the members of the USATF-NE for voting the Western Mass Distance Project Co-Club of the Year for the 2012! You are all amazing competitors and fellow runners. We are inspired by this award to strengthen our efforts in 2013 to become a bigger, faster, and more diverse club in the upcoming season.

In running, the proof is in the results. A simple sport on paper; you’re 1st, 2nd, etc., etc., but this year has enlightened this Western Mass group as to the possibilities of this “simple” sport and where we can all take it; as a New England organization and beyond.

In college, we are spoiled by scheduled practices/schedules catering to our runs, and countless teammates to drag us through those days we would otherwise fold. Post-collegiately, this luxury is no longer available and a real passion for the sport must be cultivated. Even the most passionate of us can let our demons hold us inside on a cold morning or justify nipping off the last couple miles of a run after a long days work. It is in the running community that we must draw our inspiration for pushing the limits to their appropriate boundaries and leaving the light life for the ladies and gents back at the office.

This year our experimental club has taught all of us Wolves that the motivation to train does not need to come from physically being out on the roads with our teammates and our competitors, but simply knowing we’re all out there and we’re all accountable.

It would seem winning is the obvious goal, but I think what we have all learned is that the real goal is the Process.

Respect the Process.

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