It’s Opener There, In The Wide Open Air

Sargents, NH – A week late and… I guess seven dollars short, this just in:

The LWP (Lady Wolf Pack) heard their calling and headed to the mountains, strutting that sweet baby blue up 7.6 miles and 4,500 feet to the summit of Mt. Washington.

Abby Mahoney lead the charge, finishing in 5th place (1:25:49), followed closely by our top masters runner Dawn Roberts in 8th place (1:27:28). Ashley Krause fought her way to the top with a new Washington PR to finish in  1:28:46 and good for 11th place.  These three were strong enough to place 2nd place in the Open Women team division (and top 25 team performance in the 53-year race history).

The ladies were joined by several first-time mountain runners, including Annie Parades (1:38:56), Vanessa Diana (1:50:46, 2nd WMDP masters finisher) and Janet Aronson (1:51:32, 3rd WMDP masters finisher).

The men’s team sent three runners up the mountain for a breath of fresh air. They took one look around and decided that it is their territory for the taking next year. All three men were fresh off great races at the recent Hollis 5k race, but figured that 36 hours of recovery is plenty. Weekend total elevation: 4,500 feet up, 220 feet down. Sean Duncan challenges the throne of the People’s Champ by finishing first Wolf now two races in a row, pacing the wolf pack with a sub 1:10 finish, good for 20th place.  Finishing just behind him was John Messer finishing in 1:12:02  and Ivan Codero in 1:19:48.

Mt. Washington: 0

Your mountain is waiting…


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Hollis – The Town of Captain Peter Powers

Hollis, NH – It may have been Captain Peter Powers who first settled the Great town of Hollis, New Hampshire, but it was the Wolves of Western Massachusetts who had the last Great stand – Run rather – in this original American town, tonight.

On the Men’s side Sean Duncan decided to string out the Powder Blue while the People’s Champion was sidelined. Sean spent 14 minutes and 27 seconds leading his men to their 2ndPlace overall finish.Following Sean was the wordy co-pilot, Jason Ayr, taking his little legs for the ride of their life in14:34.

The Men talked of Heart leading into this Championship race, but what they saw was so much more.Let us be the first to award the MVPs, or MVWs, Most Valuable Wolves. First to this award was Andrew Messer in a time of 14:45, proving the Gauvin system is a real concern for those not donning the Powder Blue. Do not check your prescription; there was another Messer to follow.That would be John, his brother, his TWIN brother, in a time of 15:05.As the four gathered and anticipated the wait, their breather was stalled as Mathew Weissinger cruised to a 47 second PR in a valiant effort for 15:07.Let’s just say Matthew has been a hungry Wolf and we appreciate his appetite.

Five may have scored, but the story has not been fully told.  Orlando Cordero and Philip Gingras, in their WMDP debut, followed closely in 15:14 and 15:21, respectively, warning the front Pack that the hungriest Wolf gets the Unicorn. There will be more to be told of these newcomers in future hunts.

Getting to the line first for the ladies squad was Amy Rusieki, in a time of 18:09. Did we mention that Amy just finished a 50 Miler on Saturday? Sorry folks, that just happened.

Following Amy in her heroic effort was Lady Wolf Laura Christoph (You may know her as Laura Hutchinson, but recently married she still has wheels.  How did you spend your Honey Moon?) in 18:26. The Ladies kept pouring in; Apryl Sabadosa – 18:56, Liz Abate – 20:31, and Karin George – 21:06.

Their efforts were good for a 12th place finish in this bloodbath of a New England Championship. The Process Felt Respected, just as it should have.

What the Baby Blue learned tonight, on the Men’s and the Women’s side, is that the Process is a fickle thing; something that only privileges those who desire it’s appreciation. If the hunger fits the bill, the times will surely follow.

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WMDP Hammers Down ‘Round New England


Hear that noise? Recognize that reverberation? Why, it’s the sound of the WMDP hammer going down across New England this weekend.

At 2,000 ft, Abby Woods Mahoney reclaimed her dominance in the mountain series, taking the W at the Mt. Waaaah-wa-chusett 10k mountain race. Baby blue jerseys littered the top 10, with Ashley Krause bringing in 6th place and Dawn Roberts in 8th.

Meanwhile in Maine, the Storm raged on at the Pineland Farms Trail Running mudfest as Amy Rusiecki finished the 50 miler as the 2nd place female finisher and 8th overall, and Kelsey Battige was the 6th woman to the beer line in the 50k.

Be on the lookout for packs of wolves roaming the New England trails all spring long, we hear they’re hungry… and the only thing that satiates them is of course, the Process.

“As I hit the kill switch… now that’s how you let the beat build…”

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Tasty Weekend for the WMDP

West of Gardner, MA – There may not have been Blue skies in Western Massachusetts this Sunday, but there most certainly were Blue podiums. The Wolfpack split up this weekend for a tactical hunt of several Western Mass road races.

In the birthplace of Volleyball, Holyoke, MA, at the HCC Cougar Crawl, Abby Woods Mahoney and Laura Hutchinson were able to easily serve up a 1-2 sweep. Mahoney displayed pure dominance with a 17:54, good for first, followed shortly by fellow Wolf Hutchinson who cruised into 2nd place with an 18:23.

Meanwhile, over in the wholesome town of Longmeadow, MA, Kim Budri was a lone Wolf, able to secure a 2nd place finish in 20:14 at the 20th Annual Tim Paige 5k.

While her teammates were hunting down fast times on the asphalt, Kelsey Battige took to the trails for the Soapstone 24k. Battige covered the grueling 15 mile trail in 2:41:39.

Out in the far West, where exact records of the state line between New York and Massachusetts have been lost in time, Ivan Omar Cordero was on the hunt for Dead Presidents at the Inaugural Steel Rail Half-Marathon. Sporting a perfectly trimmed beard Cordero cruised to a 2nd place overall finish in a PR of 1:15:56, good for 3 Benjamins. It was reported shortly after the race that Cordero called his employer and submitted his resignation on the grounds that he was “making close to $240 per hour and you guys are no longer worth my time”. The Wolfpack fully supports his position.

Finally, the Wolfpack contracted out one Wolf to a group of runners who borrowed him “for purposes of reaching a beach” as was outlined in the contract. John Messer anchored team “Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner” to a 1st place division and 6th place overall finish at the Reach the Beach Relay.

“I thought I was literally going to the beach with some friends, I had no idea I had to run there”, said Messer of his experience.

But at the end of the weekend, all was well. The Lady Wolves made an assault on the 5k road racing scene in Western Mass, Cordero took home some cash monies for Wing Night at the Whip City Brewery, and the Wolves celebrated their first birthday as a pack.

Total Miles Raced in Blue: 60.08
Total Dollars Earned in Blue: $300.00
Total Podium Positions in Blue: 5
Total Beaches Reached in Blue: 1

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Wolves Scavenge at AIC’s Run for Education

Springfield, MA – This past weekend a small pack of wolves congregated in, what some might term, the heart of Western Mass — Springfield, Massachusetts — for the small, but monetarily rewarding, American International College Run For Education. The squad representing WMDP was organized at the last minute by WMDP member Russell Johnson to go for the team win and was certainly considered an underdog but was ready for the challenge. The race started in downtown Springfield with a scenic jaunt down State Street, cheered on by the enthusiastic locals trying to figure out what everyone was running from, and finished up on the beautiful, new AIC track. The pack was led by Ben Mears in (unofficial) 2nd place, whose struggles with course directions initially led to a huge PR of 13:56 until realizing the leader of the race, and the subsequent 8 finishers, had decided that the 5000m distance was simply too challenging and had run a more modest 4245m distance. Unlike all but one of the runners in front of him, Jacob Brewer was up to the challenge of the full 5k distance and officially finished in 2nd (unofficial 11th) and was followed closely by Troy French in an official place of 4th (unofficial 13th).  On the ladies’ side, WMDP’s Abby Mahoney successfully navigated her way to an (official) 2nd place with a time of 19:04. Once the dust had settled with the confusion over the course, the trio had led WMDP to a first place showing after scoring a total of 21 points, ahead of second place team Hampshire High Harriers scoring 27 points. As part of the win, the WMDP was able to designate a school of their choice to receive a $2700 donation. This donation will be going to Chester Academy, a public elementary school in Russell Johnson’s home state of New Hampshire.

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