Women’s Report for Boston

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It’s been two weeks since the Boston Marathon and the Lady Wolves have still been unable to transcribe their collected thoughts on the Day. Describing the experience of a marathon is one of the more unknown challenges of the event.  … Continue reading

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Men Claim 2nd at the 2014 Boston Marathon

Boston, MA – How does one describe the 2014 Boston Marathon? You just had to be there…

“I couldn’t understand why I would sign-up for a race that requires one to put all their eggs in one basket (the marathon), but the 2014 Boston Marathon made me realize why I do.  There is nothing that compares to this race.” – Nicolai Naranjo

The Men in Blue came into Hopkinton 13 Wolves Strong on Patriot’s Day 2014. The Athlete Village was glowing with energy and the Pack from out West was doing nothing short of adding to its glare. Community; this became the immediate theme of the day.

“I was lucky to have my teammates at my side. They took my mind off the race in the early stages and I must say, striding alongside Bric (Mathew Weissinger) was the most enjoyable part of the run. We might have even stopped for a quick kiss in the Scream Tunnel.” – Kevin Johnson

Mathew Weissinger, Kevin Johnson, and Robert Deegan execute some Pack Running early in the race.  Photo Credit:  Scott MasonThe Men would find themselves in 4th of the 83 teams at the Half, with Jesse Regnier leading through in 1:11:44.

“Through the second half of this race there were WMDP fans going nuts along the road. I constantly found myself throwing my arms up and riding the energy of the crowd. This was hands down the best racing experience of my life.” – Jesse Regnier

The second half of the race includes the Newton Hills, capping off with the infamous Heartbreak Hill leading up to the 21st Mile Marker. When a hill has a name, fear that hill…

“I was grinding up Heartbreak and that’s when DJ (Dave Johnson) told me to go for it. I grinded and the wheels came off a bit towards the ends, but I went for it. I’ve never been more proud to be a part of WMDP.” – Mathew Weissinger

On the other side of Heartbreak the road is open, lonely, and, on this particular Patriot’s Day, it was hot. The body screams “No!”, but it doesn’t have the choice; the mind has already made the decision. Beacon Street is where that investment must be gripped tight.

“I was dreaming about turning right on Hereford and left on Boylston since mile 17 and it was better than I imagined. Time didn’t matter, my legs were beat up and I was exhausted but I still had enough to soak it up. I turned onto Boylston and raised my hands to pump the crowd up and it was so loud it actually shook me from the inside. It almost rattled me off my feet.” -Sean Duncan

The crowd may need the runners to have something to cheer for, but more than can even be expressed in words, the runners need the crowd. In the final miles of the 2014 Boston Marathon the crowd more than delivered.

“By the finish of Heartbreak I had punched my one-way ticket aboard the Struggle Bus to Boylston Street. I was riding the energy from Jesse (Regnier) who was pumping up the crowd. I have always looked up to Jesse, and again I felt myself admiring him for really soaking up the atmosphere and promoting the spirit of the marathon. This was a great day to be part of the running community.” – David Johnson

Kevin would go on to negative split the course by over two minutes and lead the WMDP Men to a 2nd Overall finish, besting all but the hosts, the BAA Unicorns. The crowd showing support for the Men in Blue along the course were just as much a part of it as the Wolves themselves.

There wasn’t an officer, official, volunteer, spectator, or runner in Boston on April 21st, 2014 that didn’t understand full well what it means to Respect the Process.

WMDP Top Finishers:

1) Kevin Johnson – 2:26:14
2) Sean Duncan – 2:27:02
3) Jason Ayr – 2:27:36
4) Nicolai Naranjo – 2:28:47
5) David Johnson – 2:32:15
6) Jesse Regnier – 2:32:20
7) Mathew Weissinger – 2:33:29

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Keeping up with the Jones

DSC_0164-LAmherst, MA – Sunday marked the official start to the 2014 USATF-NE Grand Prix with the New England 10-Mile Championship, the 40th running of the Jones 10-Mile Road Race held in Amherst, Mass. A few warm days leading up to the staple Western Mass road race thawed the course just enough for the runners to leave their snowshoes at home and dust off the racing flats.

Defense of last year’s title was not meant to be for the Men’s Wolfpack as the Blue would ultimately be defeated by the Blue and Gold of the Boston Athletic Association, led by overall race champion, Eric Ashe. Leading the charge in Blue was Wolf Jesse Regnier in 53:27, good for 11th Overall in the competitive field of New England runners.

“I was a bit nervous of the icy conditions going into the day, but I don’t feel it had much of an effect”, says Regnier on the race. “I played it conservative through the dirt road, but when I was still feeling good at that point I just let it rip.” It looks like Jesse’s new training partner, Gus, has been keeping Mr. Regnier on his toes this winter.

Jesse led in the train of Jason Ayr (14th, 53:46), Sean Duncan (16th, 54:01), Jon Joyce (18th, 54:08), and Andy Messer (20th, 54:13) to round off the top 20 Overall and the Men’s scoring team.


In the Women’s Battle the Lady Wolves would go on to claim 4th, with Dirigo taking the Female Overall  Team title. The Blue was led in by Apryl Sabadosa in 64:10, good for 15th Overall Female.

“I was well rested for this one and felt very confident going into the race”, says Apryl on the race day. “This race is sort of my two year running anniversary as I started really running to prepare for this race two years ago. It’s a really challenging and scenic local race with great crowd support! It’s a running goal of mine to one day master this course.”

Rounding out the scoring squad for the Blue were Annie Paredes (19th, 1:05:04) and Ashley Krause (21st, 1:05:33). The race was won in a very strong effort by Megan Hogan, breaking a 28 year old course record by over 90 seconds in 55:28. “Amherst is such a great event every year to see so many familiar faces in the running community, especially to break up this brutal winter”, says Annie of the 10-Mile event. “These hills are always killer, but pulling off a four minute course PR made it all worth it!”

In the Master’s competition the Ladies in Blue also pulled off 4th, led by Dana Parrot in 1:09:56, good for 8th Women’s Master Overall. Dana led the charge for teammates Vanessa Diana (14th, 1:11:36) and Karin George (23rd, 1:14:32).

So here we are again, at the door step of a fresh season of Grand Prix racing. The Pack has left this hunt a little hungrier than desired, but there is work to be done. It is all part of the Process.

You know the rest…

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Billy Ocean Would Approve

 When the going gets tough, the tough get rough.

dsc_0521Let’s not kid ourselves, this winter has been no friend to runners. It’s been ankle twisting, frostbite nipping and straight up bullying to motivations. For every 5 days of clear sidewalks we’ve had two days of winter weather emergencies.  The days of more miles on the legs than degrees on the thermometer have been too many to count on our touch-screen-compatible-finger-pad gloves.

And yet, the Blue shines through.

There’s a new saying out here in the “there-be-dragons” county of Western Massachusetts. When the going gets tough, the Wolves get fast. Apryl Sabadosa has been holding training clinic in Getting It Done, the past few weekends. The first at the Frigid Fiver in Newburyport, where she placed second female and gave herself a new PR in 29:34. The following weekend she came back for more at the Stew Chase 15k and taking home the bronze on a hilly and unforgiving course in 59:05.

Joining Apryl at the Stew Chase, and enjoying his Stew with a Silver Spoon was Wolf Matthew Weissinger with a 2nd Overall finish in 52:05.  Matthew was able to share his stew with some members of the Red Army (GBTC), accomplishing his real goal of the day by pocketing some of the club’s training secrets.

1,700 miles away one Wolf was down in Puerto Rico spreading his Business.  Ivan “Business Time Yay” Cordero cruised to a 1:24:55 for a 61st overall finish, and IDEAL Boston Training Run, at the San Blas Half-Marathon in Puerto Rico.

“It was very hilly and hard, but very spectator friendly”, says Business Time about the course.  “At the 8-Mile mark I had flashbacks of Mt. Washington when Sean Duncan pulled on my shoulder to keep from falling back.  Eminem’s 8-Mile Road is child’s play to the San Blas 8-Mile marker!”

Well folks, as both Young Jeezy and Nicolai Naranjo have always said, “You Damn Right Ima Go Getta (Ey!) Go Getta (Ey!) Go Getta (Yea!).”

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It’s in the Job Description

AMERICA, USA – Everyone knows someone who goes running. Every office has their resident Marathon Expert and “avid runner”. As Real Runners we are constantly thrown into the pool of Tough Mudder-ers and Tie-Dye 5k “racers”, but the winter is our time to stamp that badge of Runner boldly across our chests as we brave the unforgiving elements or the monotony of the treadmill for longer than half an episode of Keeping Up With the Karadashians. We’ve reached the time limits of a few treadmills in our day and been called crazy for that shuffle run we snuck in during a State of Emergency because all the gyms were closed. Don’t let the Hobby Joggers label of “Crazy” flatter you just yet. These are just job requirements of being a Runner.

This year the Wolves of Western Mass have been doing their fair share to earn their title. Starting on January 1st, while anyone with any sense of sanity was milking their bad decisions from the night before, a few Lady Wolves decided to start the year off with some PR’s. Annie Paredes, Vanessa Diana, and Kristin Tetrault took on Gordy’s First Run 10k in Westfield, MA. Annie was the first female to the finish line, and second overall, in 38:09. Vanessa claimed the second female position with a 43:30, followed closely behind by teammate and fourth female, Kristin.

Follow I91 North and find a couple Wolves standing on the top of the podium at the Sawmill 10k. Jesse Regnier (34:55) and Apryl Sabadosa (40:15) claimed the top male and female spots up in Montague. I have some inside sources that say Jesse was out doing his carbo-loading like a Real Runner on December 31st with a little extra to top off the tank after midnight. Not a bad way to kick ofthe New Year

The next weekend the Wolves swept the Snowstorm Classic 10k put on by the Greater Springfield Harriers. No team results were listed this week due to how obvious the Blue win was. The Cordero brothers went 1-2 (Orlando then Ivan) to start the brotherly rivalry for the year. Carolyn Stocker, Ashley Krause, Lauren Ross, and Laura Christoph went 1st through 4threspectively with Dawn Roberts capturing the One Spot in the Masters race.

On Sunday evening Apryl Sabadosa and Dana Parrot put their wheels to the test at the Sugarloaf Mountain AC Indoor Track Meet in the Mile. Apryl cruised in for a 2nd place in 5:22 with Dana sneaking under the 6-Minute barrier for a 5:59, just a second out of winning the Masters Division.

Fast forward another weekend and grab those sunglasses, we’re headed to the Southwest…

Vanessa Diana turned in a huge performance at the Rock n’Roll Phoenix Marathon with a new PR of 3:27:03. This run down in the Valley of the Sun would snag her a top 40 spot at 37th Female Overall and 8th in her age-group; a pretty encouraging way to start off a nice 13 week Boston Build-up.

A little more central towards the Heart of ‘Merica young Wolf Andrew Erwin was busy putting together some Boston Prep of his own. Andrew turned out a 2:47:39 at the Houston Marathon to kick off his Road to Heartbreak Hill.

Jon Joyce was busy out in Boston making sure the Red Army of GBTC still keep the rowdy Powder Blue on their minds. Joyce pulled off a 7th overall in the Invitational 3,000m with a time of 8:46.52.

So the weekday runs will continue to be long, but they will continue to be worth it. Whether it’s in the snow, the gym, or a cold parking lot, just get it in. We’ll keep doing what we do out here in the Western part of the Commonwealth with an exciting year of running, racing, and causing a scene laid out ahead. Cheers.

“Get it in young fellas, get it in.” – Unknown

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