Kevin Johnson

Kevin JohnsonD.O.B.: 10/27/1988
Member Since: 4/13/2012
Hometown: Ludlow, MA
Current Town: Hanover, NH
High School: Ludlow High School
College: Umass-Amherst/Dartmouth College
USATF Number: 8212024302

Personal Bests:
5,000m 14:34.95
10,000m 30:14.53
8k XC: 24:30
10 mile:51:12
Half-marathon: 1:07:22 (New Bedford 1/2 marathon)


Born and raised in Springfield, MA Kevin emigrated to the town of Ludlow prior to high school. He soon became interested in running when he saw his twin brother losing massive amount of weight from freshmen year cross country/track and once exposed to Ludlow XC community he was hooked. The husband and wife combo of the Gauvins fostered and developed Kevin’s passion for competitive running. At Ludlow, Kevin went on to become Western Mass Champion in the two-mile his junior year when he shocked the Western Mass running community by upsetting a rival and heavy favorite Andrew “The Mayor” Mulvaney. He continued his running career under the legendary UMass Coach Ken O’Brien where was awarded two Academic All-American awards for his cross-country and classroom performances. Kevin now resides in the Upper Valley where he is a graduate student at Dartmouth College.

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