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Amherst, MA – In what was their first official team race since 2014, the Men of the Western Mass Distance Project successfully defended their home turf of Amherst, MA with a close win over Greater Boston Track Club at the 42nd Annual Five College Realtors Amherst 10-Mile.

In IDEAL conditions the race took off to the bang of the starting gun shot by course designer and race founder, Tom Derderian. The trio of Sean Duncan, Nicolai Naranjo, and Jason Ayr quickly found themselves bunched into the lead pack. An early surge by eventual race winner Will Sanders was ignored by the meat of the team competition as Red Jerseys and WMDP sized each other up. Through the Atkins Reservoir dirt road The Trio stretched out their lead on the GBTC pack lurking behind to provide what they thought would be a comfortable cushion in claiming the $500 team prize put up by Sugarloaf Athletic Club, the host team.

Naranjo would cross the line first for the Wolves with a 5th overall in 53:49, followed by teammates Ayr (6th – 54:00) and Duncan (7th – 54:08). The suspense began as GBTC bodies began to pour in – 9th, 10th, 11th… All GBTC. Where was our fouth guy?

In comes Lucky Number 13, Kevin Quadrozzi, in 56:08. Maybe he was driving the second train of WMDP runners? No.

15th, 16th, 17th, 20th… More GBTC! The team title slowly beginning to slip from our paws…

Then, grinding towards the final turn comes Eric Flaman.

“Come on, Flaman! We need a Big Bandit Kick out of you!” shouts Naranjo, fists slamming the grass in front of Wildwood Elementary School.

Flaman grabs ahold of his saddle and kicks it in, flopping forward at the line in 58:14 for 23rd place. Would that be enough to take it?

As the timers sort through the final scorers of the rival teams, GBTC and WMDP stood silent. Finally it would be the Hometown Wolfpack that took the day by a 5.1 second margin over the intruders from the East!

The Men are a little rusty, we’ll admit it, but we’re back and we’ve tasted sweet victory again! And our appetites are far from full.

Lady Wolves Snag the Podium

In the ladies competition Apryl Sabadosa led the charge for a WMDP bronze with her 2nd place overall in 1:02:07 on the hilly course. The Lady Wolves landed just in the money, behind the runners formerly known as New Balance Boston (now Battle Road TC) and Greater Boston Track Club.

Rounding out the scoring squad behind Sabadosa was Amy Rusieki (10th – 1:07:22) and Ruthie Ireland (25th – 1:11:48).

Both team performances offer great early season momentum as WMDP heads into the USATF-NE Grand Prix #1 – the An Ras Mor 5k in Cambridge, MA this coming Sunday.


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WMDP Presents – The Friday Night Lights 10k!

As a post-collegiate athlete it is nearly impossible to find an opportunity to race a 10k on the track. WMDP is providing you just that opportunity! On Friday night, July 17th at Dilboy Stadium in Somerville, MA we are inviting the 30 fastest men and women we can assemble to battle it out for that coveted track 10k PR! To submit an entry for review, please send an email with the following information to

1) Name
2) DOB
3) Team Name
4) Please list a 10k PR within the last 24 months, OR a relevant PR in another event to support your 10k strength
5) Desired email to receive notifications

Entries must be received by Sunday, June 21, 2015. Entrants will be notified as accepted or rejected by Tuesday, June 23, 2015. Accepted entries should bring $15 to the event check-in on race day.

Under the lights. Announcing. Music. Post-race social in Davis Square… Stay tuned for details at right here at the Center of The WMDP Universe,

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The WMDP Men have decided to not re-register as individual members for the USATF New England and will not be competing as a team in any USATF-NE Championship events for the indefinite future. As to not part ways without explanation, we would like to shed light on the reasons behind our choice to not participate in USATF-NE in the message below, for what it’s worth…

It Is important we first acknowledge the positive of the USATF-NE. The association offers one umbrella for us all to compete under. Clubs are formed and rivalries are developed. This is, in our opinion, the draw of the USATF-NE. Having close competitions help to unite the teammates within the clubs, which, in turn, provides that extra shove of motivation to get post-collegiate athletes (now working professionals) out the door to keep this crazy dream that is track & field and running alive.

In the past the USATF-NE has stepped up to the plate and shown its potential. WMDP would like to acknowledge a USATF grant that was given to the club in 2012 for travel to Club XC Nationals in Lexington, KY for $1,200, which we are still very grateful for. WMDP sent 8 men and placed 9th in the open male division at that event. However, the process of applying and obtaining the grant was very difficult and the program is hardly advertised. Initiatives like this – ones that help grow the organization and promote clubs and individuals breaking through to the next level, should be promoted by the organization and the process should be welcoming to new clubs and qualifying individuals. We fear, had it not been for a team member on the board, this grant would have not been discovered and proposal for it would not have made its way through the board.

Based upon our experience as registered members and as a team, we strongly believe that USATF-NE association has provided an inadequate level of service to its members. The entire burden of hosting events with the USATF-NE label is placed on the race directors. No organizational help in setting up a championship caliber event is offered to the race directors by the association. No prize money assistance or matching is provided by the USATF-NE. Further, the races are charged (at least on the Road Grand Prix) to be a part of the series.

In regards to promoting and publicizing their product – the competition – the USATF-NE does little beyond their very outdated website. Results are often not announced in a timely manner (implying there is miscommunication between the timing companies and the organization) and news is only relevant for so long.


We will not ignore the fact that the Manchester Marathon issue most definitely influenced our decision not to renew our membership. Manchester is ONE example of the USATF slapping their label on a race and expecting it to go off without a hitch – not having adequate oversight of this “New England Championship Event”. Call this the proverbial straw that broke the Wolf’s back.

Speaking for the WMDP men’s team, we have had our most memorable and media-worthy performances at non-USATF races (Boston ’14, Chicago ’12). We see that the competition and the races will be there, with or without the USATF-NE, as the USATF-NE seems to only offer a label. Given the consideration of how we wish to grow and how short the USATF-NE continues to fall we have decided to no longer participate as we pursue our original goal of organizing this team – to pursue competitive running at both the regional and national level while keeping each other accountable.

It is understandable why the organization continues to fall short and not appropriately manage this ‘golden egg’ that is New England distance running – it is because a board comprised of only volunteers is not adequate for the job. Despite great intentions and efforts of the volunteers, the monthly meetings do not result in the implementing of highly competitive championships and events the membership pays for and deserves.

While on the board, one member of our team reported hearing about the idea of hired help being tossed around quite a bit. Hired help would offer races liaisons to be in the field and getting races championship ready. It is a minimal investment, but would result in better managed events. To the best of our knowledge, nothing has been done about it.

We would like to see USATF-NE make an effort to ensure that the championship events are THE BEST events possible, from an organizational, prize purse, and media frenzied perspective. If implemented, the competition will be sure to show up. The USATF has the resources. This is the USATF-NE’s business investment to growing the organization and providing its membership with something of value. Otherwise, what is your USATF-NE membership worth?

Thank you,


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Howlin’ in Hartford

Hartford, CT – The Wolfpack sent a handful of Wolves down to the Insurance Capital of the World to Claim some Coverage over the 2014 NU Hartford Marathon & Half-Marathon. Let’s hope the fine folks down in Hartford have some casualty insurance because scalps were taken.


In the Men’s Half-Marathon David Johnson was able to leverage some momentum and crack the top ten with his 1:09:12 performance, good for 9th Overall. Johnson was followed by teammate Jesse Regnier, whose 1:09:44 would earn him the 11 spot in the competitive field. The two Wolves were able to work together for the majority of the event before Johnson decided to liquidate Jesse’s asset and make a surge for sub 69.

“I love racing because I enjoy the grind and putting myself in the hurt-box”, said DJ on the effort. “After getting the OK from Jesse around mile 7 I decided to give it a real push.”

Both Johnson and Regnier fulfilled their duties of representing New England well as part of the NU Hartford Half-Marathon New England’s Finest Program.

In the Men’s Marathon a big HOWL goes out to Wolf John Fuller for completing his first marathon, under some pretty adverse weather conditions, in 4:17:36 and cracking into the top 100 in the very competitive Open Male division.

10003934_10153921939735594_948886265_nOn the Lady Wolf side of things the big surprise of the day was Wolf Annie Paredes in the NU Hartford Marathon, coming off her “seven week taper” due to a stress fracture in her foot. Paredes, also a member of the New England’s Finest Program, entered the race with the intention of taking it mile-by-mile, making the risk-assessment of when to keep pushing through the injury as she went.

“I really thought in my heart I would have to drop but somehow the miles ticked by and I made it. The most meaningful finish for me for sure after coming off a 7 week taper and with a broken foot”, says Paredes of the experience. And finishing paid its dividends. Her 3:05:55 would be good for 13th Overall Female in the event and 4th in her age-group.

In the Women’s Half-Marathon Wolves Melissa Hine and Danielle Ignace turned out solid performances on the cold, rainy day. Hine would be the first Lady Wolf to the line in 1:26:33, good for 13th overall and 6th in her age-group. Ignace followed behind her teammate in 1:44:05.

Respect the Process – that’s our full-coverage policy.

New England’s Finest Program: We encourage New England runners to look into the New England’s Finest Program offered by the Hartford Marathon Foundation. Our athletes that were fortunate enough to be a part of this program at the 2014 NU Hartford Marathon & Half-Marathon had nothing but praise for the program. Programs like this put resources back into the runners and should be encourage in our sport!

Check out the details here:

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Behind Blue Guys

WMDP Cover Photo

Ashley Reservoir, Holyoke, MA – The Wolfpack invited harriers from around the New England region to, what some would say is, The Original Den of the Wolfpack, Ashley Reservoir. Rain would soak the region into the late hours of the night before the event, but on the day of the 3rd Annual WMDP XC Festival the skies were Blue and Mother Nature was giving The Process its due Respect – IDEAL conditions.

The unattached David Wilson and Sam Alexander of the BAA were out for an early battle in the men’s competition. The chase Pack would include WMDP’s Sean Duncan, Jesse Regnier, Scott VanderMolen, and David Johnson. When the gentlemen rounded their second left through The Four Corners Wilson and Alexander were still sharing the driver seat, but when Billy Harbilas’ pace truck emerged from the woods at 4.5 miles it would only be Wilson in tow, eventually taking the overall 5-Mile title in 24:33. Alexander would cruise in for second in 25:00. Mark Reeder of Greater Lowell claimed victory in the Master’s competition with his 27:05.

The Men’s Wolfpack, led by your new Yellow Jersey holder, Sean “Big Meet” Duncan (4th – 25:06), was able to defend the home turf, holding off the Greater Boston Track Club for the team win. Big Meet was followed home by teammates Jesse Regnier (5th – 25:15), Scotty VanderMolen (6th – 25:21), David Johnson (7th -25:25), and Mathew Weissinger (11th – 25:43).

In the Women’s race Kerri Leondhart of the Greater Boston Track Club would take control early and run away with the title. Kerri was able to put close to a minute on the competition with her 28:33 win over WMDP’s Apryl Sabadosa (29:30). The ladies of the Greater Boston Track Club would go on to take the overall team title, putting five runners in the top ten. Trish Bourne of the Greater Boston Track Club would take the Female Master’s title in 32:39.

The Lady Wolves brought home a secone overall to GBTC.  Sabadosa was followed in by teammates Ashley Krause (7th – 31:24), Lauren Ross (9th – 32:15), Maura McDonald (12th – 33:12), and Dawn Roberts (14th – 33:50).

The day wrapped up to the sounds of The Sun Dogs as the runners rehydrated at the Elks Club. With good vibes and great music the Wolfpack dished out all the donated swag from New Balance,, and the Northampton Running Company. And the Sisu Process started a war, but we will Finnish it.

To say that we are excited to have you all back next year would be a statement.

Feel free to send over your suggestions on how we can make The Festival better in years to come!

A Special Thanks goes out to the following groups and individuals:

–          Coach Kristin Tetrault and the Southwick-Tolland High School Girls XC Team for all their volunteer work at registration and on the course

–          Mackenzie Gray and Co. for the timing services

–          Billy and Sally Harbilas for keeping the runners on course with their pacing services

–          Manny and Alejandro for setting up the beautiful finish line

–          The Holyoke Elks Club for allowing us to use their venue

–          The Holyoke Water Works for giving us access to the gorgeous Ashley Reservoir

–          All the USATF Clubs that came out to represent

–          Brian Donoghue for coaching us as one of Western Mass’ premier race directors

–          The Sun Dogs for setting the vibes in the afternoon (check these guys out!)

– for donated awards

–          New Balance for donating a lot of gear

–          Northampton Running Company for the donated gift certificates

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